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"But I'm just not flexible enough to do yoga..."

So many people say this to me when I mention yoga. There's a perception that yoga is just for the flexible, and super-fit. Nothing could be further from the truth! I know from personal experience that when you've never done yoga before it can feel intimidating to put yourself out there and try if for the first time, especially if you perceive yourself to be stiff and inflexible.

The brilliant thing about yoga is that the benefits are as great regardless of ability. Over time you are likely to develop more flexibility but we're all wired differently.

In this new era of online classes being the norm, now more than ever it's easy to try yoga without feeling intimidated - you can always switch your camera off so no one can see you. My top tips:

  1. Start slow and easy. Try a beginners class or even a 1-2-1 with a friendly teacher (secret - most yoga teachers just LOVE yoga and are delighted to offer introductory classes to people of all abilities).

  2. Take time finding a teacher you like. This seems like common sense but sometimes you feel you 'should' stick with something, even if it's not really resonating with you. Well - don't - life's too short! Shop around a bit and find the person you like and the style of yoga you enjoy. So much of yoga is down to the teacher - and everyone is unique in their style.

  3. Ask for recommendations - friends and word of mouth are generally the best way initially of finding a good class.

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