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Fake News

I have been inspired by this quote from #mahatmagandhi for a very long time. I love the idea that changing our thoughts can have a 'ripple effect' on every aspect of our lives. But changing how and what we think is not an easy thing to do, not least because we tend to accept our thoughts as 'truth'.

Well, NEWSFLASH: Sadly a lot of the time they are just fake news...

That’s one of the reasons I love yoga and meditation. Such practice enables me to become more aware of what's really going on for me.

A lot of yoga classes start and finish with encouragement to 'check-in' with how we are feeling. "I've come to yoga to get away from all of that" I used to think. Now I realise this is about developing that inner awareness in order to positively influence those thoughts and start that amazing chain reaction. This is challenging as often we are heavily invested in these thoughts and beliefs - even if they're not doing anyone any good. However just being aware of what and how we're thinking and the power this can have over us, can be a big step towards positive change.

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